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Messianic Jewish Israel Fund

The Messianic Jewish Israel Fund (MJIF) is a unique ministry that supports Jewish believers in Yeshua (Jesus) within the Messianic body in Israel. MJIF functions as a vehicle for Messianic believers in the Diaspora (those living outside Israel) and our Christian friends to join hands with Jewish believers in the Land of Israel helping to provide the assistance and support they desperately need.

MJIF provide the following services:
  • Supporting the Growth of Messianic Congregations in Israel
  • Assisting Jewish believers returning to Israel
  • (known as Aliyah)
  • Equipping Children & Youth Programs
  • Providing Medical Care and Emergency Aid
  • Uplifting Holocaust Survivors Who Have Suffered Enough
  • Funding Job Training For Believers Trying To Support Their Families
  • Offering Assistance for Needy Families and Single Mothers
  • Supplying Bibles in Hebrew (Genesis to Revelation)
  • Planting Trees in Israel
  • Spreading The Good News Of Messiah Yeshua Across His Holy Land!

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Messianic Jewish Israel Fund

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